Original Collection – 4K


Original Collection – 2K


Sapphire Collection – 4K


Sapphire Collection – 2K


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Original Collections

Contains 31 Lens Distortions.

Each clip is exactly :30 seconds in length.

Slower paced, with softer textures and muted tones. Great for projects that contain lengthy, static shots.

Sapphire Collections

Contains 50 Lens Distortions.

Each clip is between :03 and :15 seconds in length.

Fast-paced, with brilliant colors and crisp textures. Works perfect for flashy transitions, high-impact projects, music videos, and title sequences.


What are Lens Distortions?

Lens Distortions are more than just your typical light leaks… They blur, warp, and distress your video footage…

We created Lens Distortions by filming through shards of glass and crystal, and combining that footage with handcrafted effects in After Effects.

The Original Collection contains 30 Lens Distortions, and the Sapphire Collection contains 51 Lens Distortions. Each Lens Distortion has it’s own unique After Effects template that you can import into your AE projects, and drag and drop onto your timeline.

We made them really easy to use, even for the AE novice.


Lens Distortion templates are compatible with After Effects CS3 – CS6 and Creative Cloud.

The ProRes video files are compatible with any mainstream editing software, such as Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, etc.,

File Sizes and Downloading

We didn’t want to sacrifice quality or usability for the sake of having smaller files. That’s why we encode all our Lens Distortions in Apple ProRes LT.

The Original 4K Collection is 16.6GB, and the Original 2K Collection is 2.7GB.

The Sapphire 4K Collection is 11.7GB and the Sapphire 2K Collection is 3.1GB

We use the Amazon S3 storage and delivery technology to deliver our products. We strive to provide the fastest and smoothest delivery experience possible.

Will 4K work in my 1080p timeline?

Yep! It absolutely will. The benefit of using a 4K Lens Distortion in a 1080p project is that you can scale, rotate, and position the Lens Distortion without losing any resolution.

4K has 4.2x the resolution of 1080p.

4K versus 2K

The 4K collection has 4.2x the resolution of 1080p, which means you can scale the Lens Distortions hugely without any loss of quality.

The 2K collection has all the same Lens Distortions and templates, just in a smaller size. This means you’ll have a little less flexibility when it comes to scaling and positioning the Lens Distortions, however you’ll probably experience faster render times.

Frame rates and Codec

The video clips were shot on RED at a frame rate of 23.976. The After Effects templates were built in that same frame rate.

We encoded all the footage in Apple ProRes LT, a good balance between pristine quality and manageable file sizes.

Template Updates

Current version: 1.1 Previous customers are eligible for free updates to the templates. We’ll notify you via email when they are available.

Return and Upgrade Policy

All sales are final, and we do not offer refunds at this time.

If you’d like to upgrade from the 2K to the 4K, we’d be happy to assist. Just drop us a note here.

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