Craft the look you want without sacrificing quality.

When it comes to effects, you have plenty of options. But few live up to your visual standards.

Lens Distortions offers the legitimacy you’ve been searching for. Stunning effects created by optically capturing real world elements in-camera, just like you would live.

Tommy Reynolds on the streets of India

When he’s not working on corporate or wedding photography, Tommy Reynolds spends his time traveling abroad and documenting the lives of local people in each destination. We caught up with him to get the details on…

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Light Painting with Eric Paré

Eric Paré is a Canadian visual artist who has been performing light-painting all around the world since 2013. When he is not traveling in deserts or by the sea, he can be found in his studio in Montreal where he has developed a full 360 degree camera system with his...

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Introducing: Luminary

Three years ago, Lens Distortions brought the distinct glass shoot-through technique to post with our flagship product called Legacy. Today we are excited to take this concept to a whole new level with Luminary, our latest product for photo and video. Luminary was crafted with fashion projects and luxury brands in mind and is filled with…

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Behind the Scenes: EXPRESS – OneEleven

When the creative department at EXPRESS creates video shorts for some of their women’s clothing lines, they’ve leaned on Lens Distortions as a key ingredient to craft a distinct look. We caught up with Jordan Schmelzer, the in-house Video Editor at Express, who’s been...

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Photoshop Actions – FREE Update

We’ve completely rebuilt our Photoshop actions and added new features to excite both beginners and pros. While what’s going on under the hood of these effects is more intricate than before, the simplified design will speed up your workflow and make using Lens Distortions in your projects easier than ever.

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VFX Breakdown: An Incredibly Imaginative Toyota Project

Glenn Stewart is Head Of Design at Rotor Studios in North Sydney, which is a full service production & post production company that specializes in live action, CG, and interactive experiences. One of Rotor’s recent projects for Toyota came to our attention...

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Made for the best.

Our filter packs are used by some of the most notable artists out there, and have been seen on virtually every major network.

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