Fog, Shimmer, Light Hits | VFX Breakdown

Like all Lens Distortions effects, the Fog, Shimmer, and Light Hits packs were created by optically capturing actual physical elements in-camera. We shot hours of real haze, real glass fragments, and real sunlight with top quality gear and then meticulously selected the best clips to bring you these 4K and 2K video effect packs.

The effects are super simple to use. You can easily add depth to your footage or make an edit point more dynamic by dragging and dropping one right on your timeline in Premiere, Avid, or Final Cut Pro. But these overlays become even more powerful in the hands on an experienced editor and are a go-to tool in the post-production arsenal of many VFX artists.

What better way to show you what these fog, particle, and lens flare effects are capable of than a classic trailer and VFX breakdown. Check out the VFX breakdown at the top of the post and view the complete trailer below.

Explore the effects used in this post


Cinematic haze, smoke, and atmospheric effects


Optically-captured in stunning detail, Shimmer is made from glistening particles, glass shards, and explosive fragments of light.

Light Hits

Soft and simple. Light Hits is made from actual sunlight, and helps you quickly add a little extra pop to the corners of your shots.


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