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How do I copy-paste the effects to multiple images?

There are a number of methods you can use to copy-paste the adjustments across multiple images. We’ll show you the steps for 2 of our favorite methods: 1. Using the “Sync” Button 2. Using the “Previous” Button
1. Using the “Sync” Button This is an essential feature in Lightroom, especially when working with many, many photos. Simply shift-select all the images you want to sync, then click the Sync button. If you have the auto Sync checked off, you’ll get an options window popup. Select the adjustments you want to sync, then click the Synchronize button.
2. Using the “Previous” Button This button is a favorite among Pro Photographers who need to rapidly move through edits. Simply navigate to the next image, then click the Previous button. Lightroom will automatically copy the adjustments from the image before it. Done!

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