Chuck Jackson is a professional photographer and painter hailing from Orlando, FL and Southern California. He has worked with various recording artists, marketing agencies, and brands like HTC , mixing the elements of storytelling and editorial commercial photography. His colorful, dramatic visual style caught our eye, so we reached out to get know the artist behind the images.

Chuck Jackson - Photographer, Painter

LD: Your work has a really specific look… Without giving away your secrets, what are some of the things that go into that?

CJ: I always try to replicate a “35mm Film Look” even though I shoot digitally. I try to get a certain look with the blacks, contrast, colors, and textures. I’ve been using Lens Flares/Distortions effects for YEARS, even if it was a soft paint brush in photoshop to give a simple glow. When I saw LD’s page, I fell in love right away.

LD: You are a photographer and a painter. Does working in multiple mediums influence your photo editing style?

CJ: I like to think it does. I try to paint the way I shoot and vice versa. I think they lend a dimension most artists don’t get that limit themselves to one medium. When I paint portraits of people, I have the benefit of approaching lighting with the perspective of a photographer. That helps give me a most realistic look to my paintings. Same goes with photography using painting influences. It helps me bring specific color palettes to specific shoots.


LD: Instagram. You’ve got a killer feed, and you’ve built a nice following. Do you like the platform? Has it brought you any work?

CJ: Instagram. I do love it. It’s a free flowing platform for uploading images. Facebook has folders…importance, tags, dates, etc that control what and when people see your work. Instagram is what it is. Lately, I’ve been feeling that is where the public is going. Likes on Facebook are going down and Instagram traffic is going up. Regardless if it’s spam or not, haha.

LD: Any tips for photographers trying to define their style?

CJ: Shoot what you like. Because that is probably the most important factor that pushes you to the next level. The more passion you can put into your work, the more you can make it your own. Put your personality into it. If you like dark cold tones. Use that in your work. If you love summer sunsets and warm colors. Make that your thing.

Chuck currently uses our Legacy Photoshop Collection and our iPhone app. You can find more of Chuck’s work on his website Be sure to check out his Instagram and Facebook feeds, too.