Lens Distortions brought the iconic glass shoot-through technique to post with our flagship product called Legacy. It’s now time to take this concept to a whole new level. Luminary is the quintessential example of this signature style.

From delicate to assertive, these glass textures offer you a unique way to complement your subject, frame your shot, and add complexity to your visuals.

Luminary for Photo

Accentuate your subject and further draw the viewers eye to your focal point with richly detailed reflective elements.

Refined Selection. Limitless Possibilities.

Luminary offers 75 unique filters to compliment your images.

Dialed in, these effects will subtly blend into your shot. However, you can also achieve bold, dramatic looks by layering multiple effects and boosting their color settings.

Ryan Thompson - Cinespace - Exporation
Ryan Thompson - Cinespace - Exporation
Ryan Thompson - Cinespace - Exporation

Luminary for Video

Harness the iconic styles of elite filmmakers. Luminary provides distinguished glass elements to achieve the cinematic gravitas of acclaimed productions.

Ryan Thompson - Cinespace - Exporation

Elegant Textures In Motion.

With 90 unique filters to choose from you have endless possibilities in post-production.

Expand your creative options and give your film that visceral feel.

Distinguish Your Visuals

Since day one Lens Distortions has focused on creating premium effects worthy of your portfolio. Our products have been featured in projects from notable artists and brands all over the world. Luminary has raised the bar once again.


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