From commercials to short films, epic travel shots to breathtaking weddings, Lens Distortions has been spotted in projects of every kind. Here are just a few examples of our collections in action from members of our community.

John Rourke is a UK based professional photographer who runs Adrenal Media, the official Photographic agency for the renowned auto races FIA World Endurance Championships and European Le Mans Series. John utilized our Light Hits and Legacy Collections for Photoshop at this year’s Le Mans 24 hour race.



“I am always looking for that organic, ‘real feel’ vibe… I guess it’s from shooting film for many years, and Lens distortions gives me that feel. The best thing is it looks like it was shot in the camera.”

Violet Short is an Indianapolis based Lifestyle blogger and photographer who focuses on weddings, portraits, families, and special events. Violet used our Legacy Collection for Photoshop on the following images.


“It gives the photos that little something extra that I often want while editing. My favorite distortion was with the wedding dress above. You can make the distortion as subtle or as bold as you want and I went REALLY bold with this shot. The black and white works so well with it and I really feel like I am looking at an old photograph. It reminds me very much of the soft, unpredictable look of prisming but more easily achieved in post processing.”

Mark Lediard is a UK based Director, Editor, and VFX Artist who used our Legacy Collection for After Effects to create the solar eclipses in his latest short film. A behind the scenes look at his VFX work for the film can be seen here.

“The big close ups of the Eclipse itself were completely created inside After Effects… it’s basically a combination of lots of elements designed to reduce the cleanness that a purely CG creation can have. So lots of grain, lens distortions, flares etc… anything that helps it look like it might actually have been shot. Thats a big part of working with digital images these days, finding ways to make them look more organic, more natural.”

Manuel Wenger (Cinematographer) and Richard Caesar (Director) utilized the Legacy Collection for After Effects in their spot for a skin care product.

“Sometimes you just don’t have the time on-set to play around with shards and crystals to give that little extra feel to the picture, so it’s great to have these effects on your hard drive to add in post. It’s quite helpful that the template settings give you full control over the distortion itself, like you’d have when looking through real glass. This makes lens distortion stand out.”

Remy Brand is a professional photographer from Australia with a fantastic Instagram feed that often features our mobile app.


Top Left: Light Hits Collection, Top Right: Legacy Collection, Bottom Left: Fog Collection, Bottom Right: Shimmer Collection


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