From the most classic, picturesque ceremonies to breathtaking mountain elopements, Lens Distortions has been used extensively in wedding photography and wedding films. Here are just a few fantastic examples of wedding projects that utilize Lens Distortions from members of our community.

White in Revery

is a husband and wife team based in Denver, CO that specializes in storytelling primarily, but not exclusively, as wedding filmmakers.

They currently use our full lineup of 4K Video Overlays: Legacy, Light Hits, Shimmer, and Fog.

“Part of the main job of an editor and cinematographer is to tell a story, and sometimes the story needs to be guided in post in a way that accentuates and complements the shots.”

“We love utilizing Lens Distortions effects to smoothly guide the viewer throughout our films and to articulate certain moods. Sometimes there is negative space that we subtly fill with a Light Hit to help the viewer focus on the content and emotion that is actually going on in the scene.”

“After we complete a rough edit, we move into color grading and effects to try to make the film a little more captivating and engaging. Without it, we’ve found that the films tend to be a little less appealing, artistic, and can even loose the viewer’s attention and focus.”

“Sometimes we use Light Hits to add movement to a still frame, smooth out transitions between shots, and even strengthen pivotal beats in a song to make the scene a bit stronger and more effective. We consider Lens Distortions effects as that ‘cherry-on-top’ to the film.”

Ray Santana

is an International Fine Art Wedding Photographer based out of Miami, Florida. He’s been featured in numerous wedding publications and is a contributing photographer for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. He’s also worked with numerous fashion events in Miami (Chanel), New York, Florence, and Milan Runway Fashion Shows.

Ray currently uses our full lineup of Photoshop Actions: Legacy, Light Hits, Shimmer, and Fog.

“Len Distortions lets me take my photographs to the next level, yet maintain a simple, timeless look.
Loving the Light Hits & Legacy!”

Light Hits… What can I say? They just add a little extra something – that early or late afternoon, sun going down, sun flare look that you can sometimes miss on rainy or cloudy days.”

Legacy lets me get incredible looks, especially indoors, that I can only get with a handful of lenses.
Just a classic look and feel to my fine art photographs.”

Universal York

is a team of cinematographers who focus on creating films for couples getting hitched, and other collaborations with their local creative community in Brisbane, Australia.

They currently use our 4K Legacy and 4K Light Hits products.

” Lens Distortions are such a versatile tool and can be used in so many different ways, not just as overlays for wedding flicks but for all kinds of projects. e.g. Displacement maps, element sprites, ect.”

“In this project in particular, the inside of the venue was a little limiting in regards to solid lighting for video. The Legacy pack gave me that something extra to really make the flick more dynamic.

The 4k resolution is crazy helpful as well, allowing for custom positioning within my comps. The diversity of clips that are available within each pack really make for a versatile and handy tool to have in my arsenal!”

Narsete Photography

is an international award winning husband and wife wedding photography team.  Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and available for wedding commissions worldwide.

They currently use our Light Hits, Fog, and Legacy Photoshop Actions.

“We love using the effects because they create a very romantic and dreamy feel to the images.  We typically use them for our couple portraits and detail shots on the wedding day. Sometimes just adding one of the effects can really give your image that wow factor.”

“It also helps to create more of a mood,  whether it be a touch of sun (Light Hits) that was added to brighten up the image,  or a touch of Fog to create mystery and romance. We use the Legacy effect to add depth of field/dimension to the images.”

“One of our favorite effects to use is Light Hit number 29 because it gives a beautiful, warm, soft light to the image.  The effects are very easy to use and the final results are amazing!”

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