Fog II
Genuine layers of haze and atmospheric depth.

What's Included?

Fog II includes:

  • 30 Overlays
  • Photoshop actions for CS4 – CC
  • Includes high-res JPEGs and PNGs, plus optional 16 Bit PNGs
  • Resolution 7952 x 5304

Our membership gives a single-user access to all products and songs that are currently available on our website, including all VFX libraries.

What programs are compatible?

The Photo effects available on our website are compatible with Photoshop CS4 – the latest version of Photoshop CC.

(Not compatible with Photoshop Elements)

All languages are supported.

We do not offer any products for Adobe Lightroom at this time.

We also have a mobile photo app for iOS and Android. Requirements for the mobile app are available here.

How do I install Photoshop actions?

Installing the Photoshop actions is quick and easy – Simply double-click the .atn file that came with your purchase, and it’ll automatically load the actions into Photoshop.

To get started using the actions, please check out this article.

Natural Variations
The all new Fog pack gives you a variety of unique hazy textures to take control of the atmosphere in your shot.

Each overlay has natural edges on all sides to make the effects usable in any position.

  • Before-Fog Lens Distortions
    After-Fog Lens Distortions
    Before Fog Lens Distortions After
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Create Depth
Layer Fog into the background to simplify the canvas and draw attention to your subject. You can also add subtle atmospheric textures to the foreground.
Easy to use Photoshop actions
Take full control of the look by dialing in the blurriness of the haze, the contrast, and the color. The included Photoshop actions take the overlays to the next level.

Fog ll Overview


What's Included?

Access for a single-user* to all products and songs that are currently availabe on our website.

Our mobile app is not included. The subscription on our website and the subscription in our mobile app are entirely separate.

Browse the VFX, SFX, Color, and Photo pages to familiarize yourself with our product lineup. You can preview our entire song catalog on the Music page.

*Our Elite Membership offer the best value for teams with 5 or more people.

What programs are compatible?

Generally, all professional video editing softwares are compatible: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, After Effects, LumaFusion, etc

Each of our product lines (VFX, SFX, Color, etc) has slightly varied compatibility, so click a link below to learn more about the specific editing software each product line is compatible with:

VFX compatibility
Color compatibility
SFX compatibility
Photoshop compatibility

Our VFX products are delivered as ProRes files, some also offer an H264 option.

SFX products and Music are provided as WAV and MP3.

Finishing LUTs are standard .cube LUT files.

Photo products are Photoshop actions + image files.

What can I do with the assets?

The membership covers social media, client work, all forms of advertising, and YouTube monetization.

TV programming, VOD (Netflix, etc), and theatrical releases require an Elite Membership.

Assets must be incorporated into a project with other footage, photographs, etc.

Example of things you cannot do include:

  • Share files or accounts with friends
  • Incorporate our assets into any sort of product
  • Upload music to Spotify, Apple Music, etc
  • Upload songs by themselves to Youtube, Facebook, etc
  • Use our music or sound effects as part of your own music or record vocals on our tracks
  • Claim ownership of any of our assets with Youtube's Content ID

Please review the full license agreement for more details.

Will I get copyright claims on Youtube?

Upload to YouTube and monetize with confidence!

We provide you with two easy methods to automatically clear copyright claims within minutes.

1) Register a YouTube channel to automatically clear copyright claims on any video containing Lens Distortions tracks. 

2) Generate License Codes for a specific project. Just include the codes in your video’s description when uploading to YouTube and any claims will automatically clear within minutes. This is a great solution for client projects or if you manage multiple YouTube channels.

Videos published while your membership is active are covered forever.

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Are multi-user plans available?

For small teams, simply activate a single-user membership for each person on your team.

For larger teams, consider purchasing an Elite plan, which covers multiple users and extended placements.

What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel, your membership will remain active until the end of your current subscription period and will not renew. Subscription fees are not refundable.

Any projects you publish while the subscription is active are covered forever but you will no longer have a license to use any assets moving forward and must delete all downloaded files from your computer.