Light Hits Bundle
Light Hits Bundle
The full lineup of natural lens flares for Photoshop

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What’s Included
3 libraries. 100 PREMIUM LENS FLARES.
Classic Light Hits
Elegant flares with nuanced detail.
30 Lens flares
Principle Light Hits
Striking flares with vibrant color.
40 Lens Flares
Light Hits Expansion
A bundle exclusive shot entirely on Leica lenses and bodies.
30 Lens Flares
Subtle or Bold
Classic Light Hits offers a softer, more minimal take on lens flares that can easily blend into the background of your image and add just a bit of intensity to the natural light in your shot.

Principle Light Hits offers more aggressive flares that are used in situations where you want the effect to be more striking and prominent.

Also included is an exclusive bonus pack of flares captured entirely on Leica bodies and lenses. Altogether, this bundle provides you with the best flares available for Photoshop today.

Made with Natural Light
Each Light Hit was made by capturing actual sunlight in-camera using a variety of high-end lenses. This provides natural variances and chromatic detail that can’t be achieved digitally.
Easy Adjustments
The included Photoshop actions allow you to make quick adjustments to the look and feel of the effect.
Every edge of the overlay is useable, and you can easily scale and rotate the effect into position. You can also layer multiple Light Hits together to create new looks.

Light Hits Bundle


  • Includes Classic Light Hits, Principle Light Hits, and a Light Hits Bundle Expansion
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS4 – CC
  • Download your files instantly, or any time in the future
  • Royalty Free License


Bundles offer the best value and are the ideal way to start your collection. Future product releases sold separately.

$198 $169Buy Now

Buy Now. Download Anytime.