Light Hits Bundle

Optically captured lens flares for Photoshop

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What’s Included

Light Hits

Our original, classic lens flares made from actual sunlight. Includes 30 filters. View tech specs.

Principle Light Hits

Stunning lens flares with vibrant colors and intricate detail. Includes 40 filters. View tech specs.

Light Hits Expansion Pack

A bundle exclusive shot entirely on Leica lenses and bodies. Includes 30 filters.

Accentuate the natural light in your image

With 100 overlays and intuitive presets, you’ll have everything you need to dial in the look.

  • Before-Light Hits
    After-Light Hits
    Before Light Hits After
  • Before-Principle Light Hits
    After-Principle Light Hits
    Before Principle Light Hits After

High Fidelity

Because these effects are shot in-camera and made from actual sunlight, they give you unparraelled realism.

Easy Workflow

Whether you are an experienced Photoshop user, or new to Photoshop, you’ll be impressed with how easy these effects are to use.

Light Hits Bundle

Optically captured Lens Flares for Photoshop

$199Add to cart

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