Scott Foley is an accomplished filmmaker and creative, and has been staff picked on Vimeo numerous times. As of now, he and collaborator Laura Horton are traveling across the country, documenting their discoveries and inspirations. Here is their latest project, The Northern Rockies.

What provoked this journey you guys are on?

Our journey began as a conversational snowball. After work each evening we would talk of how things were and how we wished them to be. Soon, these ideas built upon themselves, and our reality began to bend itself towards them. In a matter of weeks we had a plan – leave the stresses of routine behind in search of something more, something creatively invigorating, a truly epic journey. Laura and I sold everything we had, quit our jobs, and hit the open road. We have yet to look back.

This is the 4’th video you’ve released from this trip. What have been some of your most creative moments so far?

Some of the most creative moments of the trip have occurred due to accidents. Our car may hit a bump, leaving my camera in an awkward position, from which a new perspective is born. Once we followed a road far past the length which we should have and ended up on Beartooth highway, a magnificent ride upwards to the heavens. Its views left us with a strong sense of perspective. It was the highest point of our trip both physically and artistically.


Considering that you guys are on the road, what does your post workflow look like?

Nothing of my post-production workflow has changed since being on the road, except for the location. One night I may be editing videos in a cabin and the other in a motel. I have brought with me my personal computer and do my work well into the night, as we drive and explore most of each day. I begin with a simple cut of the footage, highlighting the best few seconds of almost each clip on my timeline (usually around two hundred or so shots, both 24fps and 60fps). This step is followed by an intensive color correction process which is individual to each clip. I then take a large amount of time selecting a song or groupings of sounds which best fit the mood of both me and the selected footage. I then arrange my clips in accordance to the music and choose a few segments to be further processed in After Effects with the use of your product, Lens Distortions. This is an extremely fun stage of the editing as I get to experiment with templates that best fit my visual aesthetic. I feel as if this step adds the final polish to my work.