Tutorial: iPhone Photo Editing Workflow

Aug 14, 2015

Sean Tucker is a full time product photographer and videographer by day, working for a major London e-commerce company, who’s also making a move towards more people-centric, portrait, and documentary work. As a way to stay visually limber, he has committed to shooting, editing and posting at least one shot a day from his iPhone. The goal is to always be looking for good light and trying out braver shots. He says this is just another way to keep himself light-aware and thinking photographically.

“… always be looking for good light and trying out braver shots.”

Sean has developed a pretty consistent workflow for editing on his iPhone and explains each step in detail in the video tutorial above.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.44.34 PM

Sean’s Go-To Apps:

  • Snapseed

  • Rays

  • Lens Distortions

  • Darkroom

before and after 01 copybefore and after 02

Sean currently uses the Lens Distortions Mobile App. You can see more of Sean’s professional work at www.seantucker.photography and follow his daily iPhone captures on Instagram under @seantuck.