Extended License Quote

Want to use our assets in a project that is beyond the scope of what your membership covers?

You can purchase an extended license for a single project for a one-time fee. This fee is in addition to your membership fee and simply allows you to use any of the assets in your membership in extended placements for a single project.

Examples of placements that require an extended license include:

  • VOD / OTT / Streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, etc)
  • Television programming
  • Theatrical releases
  • Video games, apps, products

Please fill out the form below to determine the eligibility of your project and receive a quote.

What legal entity owns the final project?
The name of your production, app, etc.
Where will people interact with your project?

Extended License FAQ

Yes. Your membership is what gives you access to the assets themselves. An extended license simply allows you use the assets in additional ways for a single project.

An extended license covers all assets used in a project (for that project only.)

For example, if you have an All-Access membership and use music, sound effects, and VFX in a national TV ad, you would pay a one-time extended license fee that would cover all assets in that specific ad in perpetuity.

Extended license fees are paid by credit card via our website checkout and are due in full before the extended license is issued.

License fees are for a single project/production. You need to purchase a separate extended license for each project you that needs extended placements.

Our extended license simply extends our standard license agreement to include additional placements.

If your project/client requires specific terms that differ from our standard license agreement, you will need to obtain a custom quote.

Yes, your client can checkout with an extended license on an account that’s separate from your membership account.

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