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Creating brand ethos for ASRV How ASRV crafts cinematic worlds with our assets. Scott Christie is a filmmaker for the apparel brand ASRV, telling deeply cinematic stories about people and products. In the age of short-form content, Scott crafts genuine narratives that make you feel something. Whether he’s using our music as a centerpiece such…



Building immersive worlds for MVMT. How Totale brings a watch brand to life. From ocean plastic to clean, modern design, MVMT Watches leans on powerful visual storytelling to help them stand out in a world of noise. Enter Corey Milne of Totale. Corey Milne is a VFX Producer at Totale and is based in Los…

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Get Started

If you are new to Lens Distortions, this page offers a quick jumping-off point to learn more about our offering and get a feel for how everything on our boutique platform helps you achieve your cinematic vision.

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SFX Techniques

One of the best ways you can enhance your visual projects is to use the power of sound. In this 12 minute tutorial, we take you behind the scenes of many Lens Distortions videos to see the tried and true techniques we’ve been using for years.

Cinematic snow effects added in post

Snow for Video

Time and time again we’ve witnessed how great directors use snow to create a feeling of transcendence. We worked with the visual experts behind the snow scenes in many of today’s top films and series to make this iconic filmmaking aesthetic available to you in an easy-to-use format.