Membership Pricing

Memberships allow you to download individual files from our platform. Your license to edit with these files is active only during your membership. Projects completed while a member are licensed forever.



  • Access to all Music
  • Personal, freelance, and client work
  • Covers social media, websites, and web advertising
  • Monetize on YouTube
  • No SFX, VFX or LUTs
  • No Broadcast or Streaming
Music & SFX


  • Access to all Music & Sound Effects
  • Personal, freelance, and client work
  • Covers social media, websites, and web advertising
  • Monetize on YouTube
  • No VFX or LUTs
  • No Broadcast or Streaming
Best Value


  • Access to all Music & Sound Effects
  • Access to all VFX and LUTs
  • Personal, freelance, and client work
  • Covers social media, websites, and web advertising
  • Monetize on YouTube
  • No Broadcast or Streaming
Most Flexible
Music & SFX


  • Access to all Music & Sound Effects
  • Personal, freelance, and client work
  • Covers social media, websites, and web advertising
  • Monetize on YouTube
  • No VFX or LUTs
  • No Broadcast or Streaming
Billed Monthly

Need coverage for a business? Please contact [email protected] for a quote.
Need extended coverage (e.g. streaming or broadcast) for a specific project? Please request an extended license quote.

We exist to help you stand out.

We understand your struggles as an editor doing everything yourself with limited time and resources, all while trying to impress the people you’re creating for.

When you can’t hire a composer, sound designer, or colorist, Lens Distortions helps you do it all.

Our assets are designed to save you time and ensure you achieve the best results possible.

If you ever need something, our support team is knowledgeable, responsive, and ready to help you.

“We’ve been using Lens Distortions for a while and they add a nice high-end element to our films.”
Cinematic Wedding Filmmakers
“We needed good, realistic flares. Naturally, Lens Distortions was what we went with. They’re the best ones out there.”
Title Designers for STRANGER THINGS
“I was finding it difficult to create the sound design myself, using all the elements from places like Epidemic Sound and Artlist. The intro on that video got lots of compliments and it was mostly due to LD so I am definitely using it again!”
“The quality of selection is much better than any other licensing site I know. I already have a Musicbed subscription, but every time I know I need a really special track that will blow away my clients I come to Lens Distortions.”
Shotlife Studio
Luxury Wedding FIlms
“Lens Distortions is by far the best music I’ve encountered.”
Paul Allen
Filmmaker, Los Angeles
“The one thing about your stuff is that it’s always high-end. Some other sites are really frustrating, they have a lot of stuff but it’s not always good, so you waste a lot of time wading through junk.”
Stephen Green
Freelance Video Editor
“The new platform is INCREDIBLE. Really well built, easy to use, and looks great.”
Zach Worley
Creative Director
“There’s something about the style of everything you guys make that really resonates with me and the kind of work I enjoy doing!”
Richard Mills
Writer, Director, Producer
“Virtually every project benefits from having Lens Distortions used to treat and layer the frame.”
Legendary VFX House
“Lens Distortions, for me, is a must because they have such unique stuff and they put a lot of effort into it. It’s definitely a quality over quantity kind of thing. Very curated… you don’t have to dig through 5 million tracks to find something good.”
“Accessible and useful. Your music is the best stuff online. Oh and I nearly forgot, the Finishing LUTs are superb; I use them all the time.”
David Baillie
Award Winning DP
“One of my favourite providers of all things film and cannot imagine not being your customer. I use one of your finishing LUTs on every project I do! They are like the glue that holds it all together.”
Jonathan Campbell
Filmmaker/Drone Pilot
“Lens Distortions has THE BEST cinematic tracks for documentary projects in my opinion. I’m regularly drawn to your tracks that have an inquisitive or magical quality to them. Sometimes I’ll listen to your albums just to find new ideas or to think about editing a scene in a different way.”
Bud Simpson
International Director/DP
“The pricing is affordable which I REALLY like. I’ve licensed many tracks through Musicbed but I find their pricing has skyrocketed.”
Asher Shellim
Video Producer
“I really love the uniqueness of your assets, especially the SFX. Highly recommended!”
Marek Dziekonski
Commercial Photographer

General FAQ

You can use our assets in virtually any video project or podcast project!

All purchase options cover social media networks, website videos, podcast platforms, and YouTube monetization.

Choose a Pro or All-Access plan to cover professional or client work and unlimited web advertising.

Assets must be “synchronized” into a video or podcast project with other media and may not be used on their own.

Streaming (Netflix, Hulu, etc), theatrical, and multi-territory TV require an extended license.

Please review the full license agreement for more details.

Examples of things you cannot do:

  • Share files or accounts with other people (memberships are for a single person)
  • Make music with our assets or sing over our tracks
  • Incorporate our assets into any sort of product or app
  • Upload our assets to Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
  • Upload assets by themselves to YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Automated or excessive downloading

Please review the full license agreement for full terms.

If you choose to cancel, your membership will remain active until the end of your current subscription period.

Once your subscription ends, you will no longer have permission to use any assets you’ve downloaded in new projects.

Don’t worry, any projects you already published while your membership was active are covered forever and you will not retroactively receive copyright claims.

Membership fees are not refundable.

Yes! Upload to YouTube with confidence!

Simply connect your YouTube channel to your Lens Distortions account to pre-clear the channel for use with our assets.

Pro and All-Access plans have the ability to connect more than one channel and can also create license codes to clear a specific music track in a single video. These options are great for clients or if you have more than one personal channel.

Rest assured, videos cleared while your membership is active remain cleared forever.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc are already cleared and do not currently require you to register your account or use License Codes.

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Subscribing is the most affordable way to get access to everything you need for your projects. You pay a recurring fee to get ongoing access to our platform and download individual files to use while a member.

Projects completed while a member are licensed forever, but the assets themselves are not. i.e., You need to have an active membership to edit with any assets you’ve downloaded via a membership.

Purchasing a product allows you to pay a one-time fee to download all the files in a specific pack and use them forever.

You can create a free account and download a watermarked preview of any music track and add assets to project playlists.

These “temp tracks” are great for seeing if a track is a good fit for your project or client. Simply activate a membership when you’re ready to officially use a track.

Yes! You can upgrade to a higher plan anytime and receive a one-time proration. Changes will take effect immediately.

Visit the Switch Plan page to choose a new plan.

The first time you switch your Membership plan, our system will automatically calculate the unused time left on your initial plan and adjust the amount due on your new plan. This is a one-time proration and will not carry over should you choose to switch the plan associated with your membership again in the future.

If the value of your unused time on your initial plan is greater than the cost of your new plan, your “Next Renewal Date” will also be extended. No refunds are given.

Please note the “Total Due Today” and “First Renewal” on the checkout screen to understand what and when you will pay.

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If you have a project that exceeds the scope of what the membership allows, you can purchase an extended license to upgrade that specific project for wider placements/distribution.