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The best cinematic LUTs for filmmakers.

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Subtle and satisfying with warm highlights

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Platinum Coast

A soft palette of deep blues and earthy reds

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Modern and versatile with clean highlights

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Amber X

Rich amber tones with sleek shadows

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Velvet B&W

A smooth, timeless black & white

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Dark Pearl

A vivid and versatile palette of blues

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Paradigm Teal

Heavy teals with creamy highlights

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Evoke B&W

A modern black & white with rich contrast

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Canyon Red

Earthy rust with deep shadows

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Metallic Rose

Monochromatic with shades of rose

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A restrained color palette evoking sentimentality

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Dark Monochrome

Sleek and strong with desaturated blues

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Earthy Monochrome

Moody contrast in a palette of earth tones

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Pacific Coast

Lush greens and blues with pristine highlights

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Tonal Blue

A quintessential concentration of deep, rich blues

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Tonal Sand

A neutral palette with muted warmth

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Golden Age

An elegant warmth balanced by deep blues

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Explorer Teal

Subtle teals with sandy highlights

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Super Gold

Deep reds and golds with muted saturation

Finishing LUTs FAQ

Finishing LUTs™ are Lens Distortions’ unique approach to cinematic LUTs, focusing on uniform consistency across all of your footage, preservation of color integrity, and a stylized look – in that order.

Simply put, our LUTs won’t mess up your footage like almost all other LUTs on the market will.

Generally, LUTs can help you achieve in pretty much any professional video editing software. LUT compatibility includes Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, After Effects, LumaFusion, Photoshop, and many more applications.

Cinematic LUTs are tools used in video editing to apply color grading and color correction to your footage.

LUTs (Look-Up Tables) are essentially files containing mathematical formulas that alter the colors and tones of an image based on predefined values. They serve as a reference guide for transforming the input colors of a video or image to achieve a desired output look.

Cinematic LUTs are specifically designed to emulate the aesthetic styles and color grading techniques used in movies, cinematic shows, and high-end commercials. They often aim to replicate the look of popular films.

By applying a cinematic LUT, video editors can quickly enhance the visual quality of their footage and create a more polished and professional look.

Cinematic LUTs are often used in conjunction with other color grading tools to fine-tune the overall look and feel of a video, including adjusting contrast, saturation, and brightness.

It’s worth noting that while cinematic LUTs provide a starting point for achieving a specific visual style, additional adjustments and tweaks may be necessary to tailor the look to a particular scene or project. Therefore, they serve as a helpful tool in the color grading process, but the final creative decisions are still made by the filmmaker or video editor.