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Get an overview of our offering, learn a few editing tips, and start taking advantage of the Lens Distortions platform.

Since the beginning, Lens Distortions has been focused on helping filmmakers achieve a cohesive aesthetic in their projects and across their portfolios. Even though our offering has massively expanded over the years, our entire lineup is still as cohesive as ever.

If you are new to Lens Distortions, this page offers a quick jumping-off point to learn more about our offering and get a feel for how everything on our boutique platform helps you achieve your cinematic vision.

Finishing LUTs™

Finishing LUTs are designed to tie your entire sequence of shots together. They’re less about infusing new color into your project and more about tightening up all of your shots around a disciplined color palette.

Since we introduced them in 2019, Finishing LUTs have become one of the most useful aspects of the platform with countless members mentioning they’re the best color products they’ve ever used.

SFX Techniques

Lens Distortions pioneered modern cinematic sound effects built specifically for filmmakers, and in this in-depth tutorial, we take you inside the sound design of some of our most popular trailers and videos and show you how to leverage the same sound effects techniques in your own edits.

Sound Design Tracks™

Even with world-class sound effects at your fingertips, it takes a ton of time and practice to master the art of sound design. We created Sound Design Tracks to serve as powerful starting points to your editing projects. Get better sound design faster with can these pre-built sound effects sequences you can cut your footage to or chop up to create custom arrangements.

Classic Light Hits™

Lens Flares have a reputation for being over-the-top and fake. We set out to change that with Light Hits™, which give you tasteful, subtle flares that help you punctuate edit points and splash light and texture into your shots.

Cinematic Editing with Matt Komo

Lens Distortions Visual effects are both the highest-quality and easiest to use. In this tutorial, Matt Komo shows you some of his favorite editing tips and techniques for visual effects that you can start using today to take your projects to the next level.


The simplest way to leverage visual effects is to accentuate what’s already in your shot. Our Snow overlays are a great example of this. Take a winter scene and turn it into an immersive world by simply dropping a snow effect on top of your footage and setting the blend mode to screen.

Unlock all audio + visual assets


The membership gives a single user* instant access to download links for all products and songs. You’ll also get immediate access to any new assets developed throughout the year.

Grab just what you need for your current project or store entire effect libraries on your computer for as long as you’re a member. You must have an active membership to use assets in new edits.

Automatically clear copyright claims on YouTube for you and your clients with our easy-to-use License Code system. Any projects published during an active subscription are covered forever. 

*Have multiple users? Simply purchase multiple memberships or go Elite


Access for a single-user* to all products and songs that are currently availabe on our website.

Our mobile app is not included. The subscription on our website and the subscription in our mobile app are entirely separate.

Browse the VFXSFXColor, and Photo pages to familiarize yourself with our product lineup. You can preview our entire song catalog on the Music page.

*Our Elite Membership offer the best value for teams with 5 or more people.

Generally, all professional video editing softwares are compatible: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, After Effects, LumaFusion, etc

Each of our product lines (VFX, SFX, Color, etc) has slightly varied compatibility, so click a link below to learn more about the specific editing software each product line is compatible with:

VFX compatibility
Color compatibility
SFX compatibility
Photoshop compatibility

Our VFX products are delivered as ProRes files, some also offer an H264 option.

SFX products and Music are provided as WAV and MP3.

Finishing LUTs are standard .cube LUT files.

Photo products are Photoshop actions + image files.

The membership covers social media, client work, all forms of advertising, and YouTube monetization.

TV programming, VOD (Netflix, etc), and theatrical releases require an Elite Membership.

Assets must be incorporated into a project with other footage, photographs, etc.

Example of things you cannot do include:

  • Share files or accounts with friends
  • Incorporate our assets into any sort of product
  • Upload music to Spotify, Apple Music, etc
  • Upload songs by themselves to Youtube, Facebook, etc
  • Use our music or sound effects as part of your own music or record vocals on our tracks
  • Claim ownership of any of our assets with Youtube’s Content ID

Please review the full license agreement for more details.

Upload to YouTube and monetize with confidence!

We provide you with two easy methods to automatically clear copyright claims within minutes.

1) Register a YouTube channel to automatically clear copyright claims on any video containing Lens Distortions tracks. 

2) Generate License Codes for a specific project. Just include the codes in your video’s description when uploading to YouTube and any claims will automatically clear within minutes. This is a great solution for client projects or if you manage multiple YouTube channels.

Videos published while your membership is active are covered forever.

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For small teams, simply activate a single-user membership for each person on your team.

For larger teams, consider purchasing an Elite plan, which covers multiple users and extended placements.

If you cancel, your membership will remain active until the end of your current subscription period and will not renew. Subscription fees are not refundable.

Any projects you publish while the subscription is active are covered forever but you will no longer have a license to use any assets moving forward and must delete all downloaded files from your computer.