“The Bowl” | Peter McKinnon shares the impact of a single image
“Accentuating my story with proper SFX really helped tie the project together…”
Peter McKinnon teamed up with World Vision to tell a story of hope amidst crises. A seemingly mundane photo of a bowl stuck with him more than any other from his trip to Kenya and he used the image in a surprising and powerful way to sum up what he experienced.

As an experienced storyteller, Peter knows the importance of sound in making a film come to life with visceral feeling. “Capturing the sound of an environment is an absolute must for me. Hearing something distinct and specific to a place, time, or person can really draw you right back,” he said.

To supplement the audio he captured on location, Peter used a few sounds from our Archetype SFX library throughout the film.

“Accentuating my story with proper SFX really helped tie the project together and give it that seamless flow I was looking for. They often say if it looks bad, people will still watch. If it sounds bad, they won’t,” he added.

See more of Peters’s work on his Youtube Channel.


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