Finishing LUTs™ | Unify every frame with a cohesive color palette

For years, people have inquired about the cinematic color grades of Lens Distortions’ videos. Good color is not rocket science, though it is technically color science… we believe good color is less about the impact of any given shot and more about the power of a unified aesthetic across an entire project.

With this conviction in mind, we’re pleased to introduce Finishing LUTs, a series of tastefully curated color profiles to help you develop cohesive tone.

Whether you use them as a starting point, in conjunction with other LUTs you already own, or as the final touch in your workflow, Finishing LUTs can improve your color grading process.

Finishing LUTs™

What’s a Finishing LUT?

Finishing LUTs are designed to tie your entire sequence of shots together. They’re less about infusing new color into your project and more about tightening up all of your shots around a disciplined color palette.

The focus of each Finishing LUT is uniform consistency across all of your footage, preservation of color integrity, and a stylized look – in that order.

Note: Finishing LUTs are not conversion LUTs. If you shoot in LOG format or a different color space, please normalize your footage to Rec. 709 before applying a Finishing LUT.

Find Your Signature Look

No filmmaker needs 100 LUTs. When companies try to sell you a huge package of LUTs, let’s be honest, you only end up using a select few. We put more effort into every individual Finishing LUT than the other folks put into their entire lineup, leaving you with a curated selection you can trust.

Find the look that suits you and your projects best. You can easily tweak a LUT, double up on one to increase the intensity, or mix and match multiple to get the exact look you’re going for.

  • Before-Cashmere
    Before Cashmere After
  • Before-TonalBlue
    Before TonalBlue After
Tested and Refined

The majority of LUTs on the market focus on heavy-handed style at the expense of quality. Those dramatic blockbuster replicas may feel expressive, but odds are they are completely compromising the color integrity of your shots.

Finishing LUTs are rigorously stress tested to ensure color stability across a wide variety of footage all while providing the cinematic tone Lens Distortions is known for.

Compared to common LUTs, Finishing LUTs generally have a lighter touch, though some style and footage combinations will appear stronger than others.

3 Tone Variations

Each Finishing LUT includes 3 variations of the look, each with its own Tone Curve. This provides a lot more flexibility for balancing color and contrast.

Works With Any Footage
Finishing LUTs work with any standard video footage (Rec. 709). If you shoot standard footage on your camera, you're good to go. If you shoot in LOG format or another color space, please normalize your footage before applying a Finishing LUT.
Universally Compatible

Works with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Lumafusion, Photoshop, etc. Compatible with any software that supports 3D LUTs.



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Get over $3,000 of cinematic products and unlimited music