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Serious Instrumental Background Music

For professional video editors, producers, filmmakers, and content creators.

Immerse your video projects in gravitas with any of our serious instrumental background music tracks. Powerful orchestration underscores moments of introspection and decisive action. Ideal for scenes of conflict and significance, our serious music enhances emotional engagement, drawing your audience into the weight and importance of your content.

Album Artwork
Playing... Mind Over Matter
0:00 0:32
A min
Dark Tense Dramatic
Album Artwork
Playing... Why We Push
Go Forth
0:00 02:53
D min
Building Iconic Modern
Album Artwork
Playing... Highest Stakes
Go Forth
0:00 03:38
D min
Tense Textural Deep
Album Artwork
Playing... Recursive Memories
0:00 0:12
D min
Tense Dark Dramatic
Album Artwork
Playing... Surroundings
0:00 0:43
Eb min
Ethereal Bright Delicate
Album Artwork
Playing... Obsessions
0:00 01:42
A min
Beautiful Dark Textural
Album Artwork
Playing... Prototype
0:00 02:58
B min
Deep Modern Rhythmic