Create a cinematic aesthetic with Finishing LUTs

Finishing LUTs are designed to bring harmony between every shot in a project, but they can also be used to create a signature cinematic aesthetic across all the video and photo imagery of your brand.

This article will demonstrate the two Finishing LUTs we utilize most often across the Lens Distortions brand, from the album covers of our original music to our SFX and Music playlists, and our cinematic key art imagery on our VFX page and homepage.

Earthy Monochrome

The Earthy Monochrome Finishing LUT is one of our most popular LUTs and is also the look that we use most commonly when editing our own brand imagery.

With this classic cinematic LUT, any cool tones that are in your image are shifted to a very satisfying blue hue, and any warm tones are shifted to a natural red color. Most consumer cameras tend to shift skin tones a bit green, so this LUT fixes that. The result is a very pleasing balance of warm and cool.

Want to see how a Finishing LUT could help bring cohesion to your project? Download this free cinematic LUT.


Earthy Monochrome

Moody contrast in a palette of earth tones

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Dark Monochrome

The next Finishing LUT we use most often is Dark Monochrome, which gives you a more desaturated and sleek look that’s very iconic for the cinematic aesthetic.

This LUT has more neutral highlights and is doing a ton of work under the hood to naturally simplify the color spectrum around this signature desaturated blue.

Dark Monochrome

Sleek and strong with desaturated blues

Find your own Signature Look

Every Finishing LUT we offer has its own unique subtleties and can be used in different ways.

Perhaps you’re just looking for clean and balanced color grade that will work with pretty much any subject matter. Our Pure LUT is perfect for that.

Or maybe you’re looking for an even moodier blue than Dark Monochrome. Our Tonal Blue LUT fits the bill.

Whether you use them as a starting point or the final touch, on their own or in conjunction with other color grading tools, Finishing LUTs will help you dial in your cinematic aesthetic.

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Cinematic LUTs FAQ

Cinematic LUTs are color profiles designed to give your video footage and images color tone and contrast similar to what you’d see in high-end movies, shows, and commercials.

Finishing LUTs™ are Lens Distortions’ unique approach to cinematic LUTs, focusing on uniform consistency across all of your footage, preservation of color integrity, and a stylized look – in that order.

Simply put, our LUTs won’t mess up your footage like almost all other LUTs on the market will.

Generally, LUTs can help you achieve in pretty much any professional video editing software. LUT compatibility includes Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, After Effects, LumaFusion, Photoshop, and many more applications.

LUTs make it really easy to achieve cinematic color grades. Please see our article on how to install LUTs in Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X

Yes, you can download one of our most popular LUTs for free! You simply need to create a free account to download. Feel free to use this LUT for personal, client, and commercial projects.

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