SFX Bundle
Anticipation, Statement, and Archetype

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What’s Included

Anticipation SFX
Bright, optimistic sound effects for inspiring projects.View tech specs.
Statement SFX
Modern, confident sound effects for bold projects.View tech specs.
Archetype SFX
Powerful, iconic sound effects for weighty films.View tech specs.

Anticipation Overview

Statement Overview

Archetype Overview

Powerful Together

Each SFX library executes on a specific idea or style and serves as stand-alone collections of sounds. But they are also designed to mix beautifully together.

Whether your projects are dark and serious, bright and hopeful, or somewhere in between, our suite of SFX libraries offers versatile options for creating a visceral experience in your films.

Made For Filmmakers

From concept to finished product, each SFX library is made with filmmakers and editors in mind.

Iconic styles executed with great care. Specific sounds made to punctuate edits, create tension, or drive momentum. Curated libraries with no fluff — only the best and most useful sounds.


Curated Libraries

Each library is curated down to only the best and most useful sound effects.

The sounds are organized into categories to help you quickly navigate to the effects you need. Each category includes at least 4 variations, making these libraries much more versatile.

Professional Grade

Inspiring sound design is now attainable for filmmakers at every level of the game.

The sounds are professionally mastered and compatible with all major editing platforms.

SFX Bundle
Anticipation, Statement, and Archetype

$447 $349Buy Now

Buy Now. Download Anytime.