Archetype SFX | A powerful sound effects library for your weighty, cinematic films
Introducing Archetype SFX, a new library of sound effects from Lens Distortions. As with all our products, we went to great lengths to source, capture, and curate this library to include only the best and most useful effects.
Cinematic Sound Effects
A Visceral Experience
Sound has the ability to lift a film off the screen. It makes you feel a scene. The best filmmakers leverage great sound design to draw you in, to create tension, and to resolve it.

This library was made specifically for cinematic projects. It’s not light and bubbly. All the elements are there to create the weight and impact you’re looking for.

Highly Versatile
As a filmmaker, you’ve learned to trust your eye. You have a vision in your head of how things will look, and more fundamentally, how things will feel. There is no off the shelf solution to give you exactly what you’re going for. What you need is the right raw ingredients at your disposal and you’ll tinker till it feels just right.

And that’s exactly what we set our to provide you with in Archetype. We wanted to avoid overly produced sounds that work great in one project but are often just a little off for what you need. The tonal ranges had to play nicely with both the music tracks and the voice overs. The creative control had to be left in your hands.

We wanted to make great sound design attainable for filmmakers of any budget and experience level. The library is professional mastered, compatible with all editing platforms, and is completely royalty free.

Each individual sound can hold its own on the timeline. Sometimes a single effect is all you’ll need to complete the scene. But the multitude of combinations available means you’ll be able to craft unique layers of sound tailored directly to your film.

6 Distinct Categories

The Risers are an essential part of the library and help you create a sense of swelling momentum and tension.


Grab attention and accentuate key moments with Hits. We created the impacts, slams, and trailer hits to be useful across a wide variety of situations.


The Whooshes are deep and dark. They’re powerful for adding weight or movement.


The Glitches are organic and raw sounding. Not too electric or sharp. We also included a number of pops, clicks and other sounds you can use to accent subtle moments in your edit.


The Undertones help you add another layer of texture and depth. Great for when you’re editing a project that just needs something understated beneath your other audio elements.


Lastly, we included a variety of Atmopsheres in the library. Sometimes a little bit of room tone or subtle wind or “presence” can really help ground a sequence or scene. The sounds are intended to be familiar and subtle.

Having a diverse set of categories is a great starting point. Having variations of each sound opens a world of possibilities. Each sound comes in five variations: Normal, Analog, Distortion, Silk, and Space.

The Analog variations were physically recorded to tape, and have a grainy feel. The Distortion variations drastically increase the impact of a sound. The Silk variations are smoother and more subtle. The Space variations feel super ambient and airy.



Get over $3,000 of cinematic products
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Get over $3,000 of cinematic products and unlimited music