Create immersive worlds with optically-captured VFX overlays
Glass Effects
Distinguish your visuals with elegant textures.
Iconic glass overlays with rich reflective elements.
Stylized glass overlays with vivid color and expression.

“Our compositing team loved the glass effects and wanted to use them to add a stylistic touch to the spot… The movements of the light elements lent themselves beautifully to the effect we were trying to create.”
The Mill, World Renowned VFX Studio

Light Hits™
Wrap your scene in light with tastefully executed flares.
Sleek, cool, textured lens flares.
Soft, warm, natural lens flares.

“For the Stranger Things opening titles, we needed good, realistic flares that we could use very minimally to make it feel a little more natural and filmic. They needed to be real optical effects, so naturally, Lens Distortions was what we went with. They’re the best ones out there.”
Imaginary Forces, Title Designers for Stranger Things

Optically captured
Natural Elements
Harness the forces of nature to create dimension.
Immersive snowfall with ethereal movement.
Natural rainfall with raw intensity.
Genuine layers of haze and atmospheric depth.
Explosive fragments of light.
Subtle, slow-moving particles.

“We love utilizing Lens Distortions effects to smoothly guide the viewer throughout our films and to articulate certain moods.”
White In Revery, Cinematic Wedding Filmmakers